Distance sensor manual

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Distance sensor

General info

Control the distance! The Distance sensor is triggered only when an object is at the correct distance from it. Make players stand in a certain place to solve the puzzle.

The maximum load of the feeback connector is 50 mA. If you want to connect something with a higher current load, connect an external power supply - then the maximum load is 1A.

Step 1

Connect the Distance sensor to the Universal puzzle controller via included Ethernet cable.

Step 2

Connect the Universal puzzle controller to a power supply.

Step 3

Fix the sensor to a surface. Then, place an object (or a person) in front of it at the right distance.

Step 4

Push the teaching button to save the current distance to the object (or the person). The sensor will be triggered every time it detects something at the same distance.

Step 5

Use the knob to control the margin for error (how accurate players have to be in terms of the exact distance).

Step 6

The Distance sensor detects objects at a distance up to 4 m (13 ft) but its “field of view” is shaped like a cone (15° angle), so the bigger the distance, the more objects or people can interfere.