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Escape Room Timer

General info

Escape Room Timer shows time on up to two displays and optional LEDs. You can also add sound effects to your game and give players options to start, stop and add time with sensors, as well as activate an output set.

Step 1

Connect a timer display to the Escape Room Timer.

Step 2

Connect the Escape Room to a power supply.

Step 3

Push and hold the SET button until the display shows “se.1”. Use UP and DOWN buttons to cycle between modes.

Adding sensors and output set

You can connect sensors to “START”, “STOP” and “ADD TIME” ports. Players can trigger them to start and stop the timer, and add a set number of minutes during the game. You can also add an output set to “TO RELAY” port and it will activate once the timer stops.

Adding LEDs

You can connect LEDs to the green screw terminal to have a visual progression displayed on them.

Adding sound files

You can plug the included USB flash drive to add background music, intro, win, and lose sounds.

Additional display

You can add the second timer display. Both displays will show exactly the same time.
Order of colors:

LC.1 - red

LC. 2 - green

LC. 3 - blue

LC. 4 - orange

LC. 5 - yellow

LC. 6 - violet

LC. 7 - rose

LC. 8 - white

LC. 9 - no color