Hanging Swords puzzle manual

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Hanging Swords puzzle (Ready-to-Play)

General info

Hanging Swords puzzle has a set of sturdy wooden swords that need to be hanged in the correct places. Once they figure it out, it activates an output set of your choice.

Step 1

Connect the Hanging Swords puzzle to a power source.

Step 2

Use Ethernet cables coming from the puzzle to add an output set and/or to connect it to the local network (so you can control the puzzle remotely via Escape Room Command Center software).

Step 3

When you hang the swords according to the markings, the puzzle is solved and the output set will be activated.

Step 4

Take off the screws on the back of the base to access the backboard. It has two "X" markings for fixing the puzzle to a wall.

Step 5

You can customize the game by painting the swords (so each one is different) and the base. You can also add sound effects using the sound features of the Universal puzzle controller.


Paint the swords and base as you please to fit into your puzzle. They can hide magic words, medieval emblems, or precious stones that must be matched with the base. Here's an example of a painted Hanging Swords puzzle.