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This is Marcin and Escape Room Supplier team.

We would like to present you our knowledge base where you can easily find most common issues and tips&tricks regarding our software, products, smart sensors, outputs.

I hope you find it useful.

Have a good day,



- Our Ecosystem

- Smart Sensors

- Universal puzzle controller

- Output sets

- Escape Room Command Center

- Escape Room Command Center API



- 3 Fuses Box sensor manual

- 9 Fuses Box sensor manual

- Arcade Button sensor manual

- Candle sensor manual

- Capacity sensor manual

- Card Reader sensor manual

- Circuit Breaker sensor manual

- Distance sensor manual

- Hall sensor manual

- Foot Button sensor manual

- Hands and Body sensor manual

- Ignition sensor manual

- Keyboard sensor manual

- Keypad sensor manual

- Knock Knock sensor manual

- Laser Tripwire sensor manual

- LED Button sensor manual

- LED Flat Button sensor manual

- LED Progress sensor extension manual

- Lever sensor manual

- Light sensor manual

- Light Switch sensor manual

- Magnetic sensor manual

- Metal sensor manual

- Morse Code sensor manual

- Multi-Color Plate sensor manual

- Multi-Color sensor extension manual

- Mystery Hole sensor manual

- Noise sensor manual

- Panic Button sensor manual

- Phone Central sensor manual

- Pressure Mat sensor manual

- Pull-to-unlock sensor manual

- Reflex Game extension sensor manual

- RFID sensor manual

- RGB Button sensor manual

- Rotate-to-Unlock sensor manual

- Safecracker sensor manual

- Sensor Divider manual

- Sensor Inverter manual

- Small Red Button sensor manual

- Temperature sensor manual

- Toggle Switch sensor manual

- Wires Box sensor manual

Output sets

- Drawer output set manual

- Driver for Actuator manual

- Electric Motor output set manual

- Electro-lock output set manual

- Electromagnet output set manual

- Gauges output set manual

- LED Display output set manual

- LED Lights output set manual

- Magic Mirror output set manual

- Open-a-Box output set manual

- Painting Mystery output set manual

- Power output set manual

- Pump output set manual

- Storm Lights output set manual

- UV LED Light output set manual


- Battery manual

- Escape Room Timer manual

- Human Chain puzzle manual

- Make your own sensor

- Multi RFID puzzle manual

- Video Player manual

Mobile escape games

- Bomb lobby game

- Magic Mobile Escape

- Pirates Mobile Escape

- Pirates Mobile Escape Special Edition

Stand-alone props

- Arrow and Wood Log puzzle

- Astrology Book puzzle

- Branding Irons (Ready-to-Play puzzle)

- Escape Room Timer

- Hanging Swords puzzle (Ready-to-Play puzzle)

- Gear Board (Ready-to-Play puzzle)

- Green Materials puzzle

- Human Chain puzzle

- Indy's Whip puzzle

- LED Display

- Math Sacks puzzle

- Monster Book puzzle

- Multi RFID puzzle

- Mystery Cube

- Necromancy Book puzzle

- Pattern Board (Ready-to-Play puzzle)

- Pirate Map puzzle

- Spyglass puzzle

- Threading puzzle

- Viking Axes puzzle