Multi RFID puzzle manual

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Multi RFID puzzle manual

General info

Multi RFID puzzle is a standalone RFID sensor that can activate 6 different LED lights. There is also an option to turn it into 6 RFID sensors that require Universal puzzle controllers.

The maximum load of the feeback connector is 50 mA. If you want to connect something with a higher current load, connect an external power supply - then the maximum load is 1A.

Step 1

Connect the Multi-RFID puzzle to a power supply. If you want to use it with Universal puzzle controllers (see STEP 6), use the included Ethernet cables before connecting a power supply.

Step 2

The puzzle works as 6 different RFID sensors merged into one puzzle. Each of these 6 slots has its own set of 3 already assigned RFID items.

Step 3

If you want to add another RFID item to one of the slots, push and hold the teaching button until the diodes blink two times. Then, push the teaching button to change the active slot.

Step 4

After you choose the active slot, put the RFID item on the Multi-RFID puzzle. Take it off after a second. To finish adding the new RFID items, push and hold the teaching button until the diodes blink three times.

Step 5

When you put an RFID item on the controller (it may be hidden under any non-metal surface), the corresponding LEDs will be lit. For sensing ranges, see the RFID sensor manual.

Step 6

If you want the Multi-RFID sensor to work as a sensor for Universal puzzle controllers, use the included Ethernet cables to connect them together and use just like simple RFID sensors.

RFID parameters:

13.56MHz - ISO14443A