Viking Axes puzzle

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Viking Axes puzzle

General info

Vikings Axes puzzle is a beautiful set of laser-cut and engraved hatchets in the Medieval / Viking theme that gives a 4-digit combination… if you’re perceptive enough!


Viking Axes puzzle is a set of 4 wooden hatchets with Viking markings. Perceptive players can find different numbers among the markings. The pieces of cloth on the handles have knots, indicating the order of the digits.

The puzzle is a great way to introduce a 4-digit combination for a padlock or a keypad while being a beautiful and durable prop for any Medieval or Viking-themed game.

Viking Axes puzzle is a stand-alone puzzle but it is also a part of our incoming Vikings Mobile Escape game. Join our Escape Room Supplier Community on Facebook to get exclusive sneak peeks of the game.

Viking Axes puzzle


Viking Axes puzzle package contains:

– 4 plywood painted laser-cut and engraved axes with pieces of cloth on the handles,

– (optional) 4-digit padlock.

Viking axe length:

– 38 cm (approx. 15 inches).

Viking Axes puzzle