Astrology Book puzzle

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Astrology Book puzzle

General info

Astrology Book puzzle is a multi-step Zodiac signs-driven challenge where players have to show their puzzle-solving skills to open the book-shaped container.


In Astrology Book puzzle, players need to read through a poem to get the correct order of the Zodiac signs’ names. Then, using the tokens with these names, arrange them and check the corresponding signs. These signs, compared to the hint on the cover, shows the correct sequence of directions for the directional padlock.

This multi-step puzzle works great in Magic-themed rooms, but also in Fantasy scenarios and Space-related adventures.

Astrology Book puzzle is a stand-alone puzzle but it is also a part of our Magic Mobile Escape game.

Astrology Book puzzle


Astrology Book puzzle package contains:

– black wooden book-shaped container with a symbol-hint on the front,

– directional padlock with a painted front that locks the book,

– 12 black wooden tokens with Zodiac signs’ symbols and names,

– poem with hints on a piece of material.

Book dimensions:

– 245 x 195 x 85 mm

Astrology Book puzzle