Drawer output set manual

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Drawer output set

General info[edit | edit source]

Drawer output set is a drawer that is held by a hidden electromagnet until it is activated. When the puzzle is solved, the drawer is pushed open and lit by LED lights.

Step 1[edit | edit source]

Connect the Drawer output set to the Universal puzzle controller using the included output relay module and an Ethernet cable.

Step 2[edit | edit source]

Connect the output set to a power supply. Then, connect the Universal puzzle controller to a power supply.

Step 3[edit | edit source]

The Drawer output set has an Electromagnet output set and LED Lights built in the wooden drawer.

Step 4[edit | edit source]

When the Universal puzzle controller is not solved, the electromagnet holds the drawer. Once the puzzle is solved, the electromagnet releases and the drawer is pushed open.

Step 5[edit | edit source]

If the drawer is not pushed open after the puzzle is solved, make sure the pushers on the sides are not clicked in.