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Our electronics and software can work independently but if you use them together, you get access to some useful features, like remote control over puzzles and 'recycling' of electronics parts.

Ecosystem of electronics

To create an electronic puzzle, you need three things:

  • some sensors (that detect what players have to do),
  • Universal puzzle controller (the brain of the puzzle),
  • some output sets (the effects activated after the puzzle is solved).

'Recycling' electronic parts

If you use these parts from our offer, you can modify your puzzles at your convenience, adding or removing any electronic parts.

What's more, if there is an electronic puzzle (based on our electronics) you no longer have use for, you can use every part to create or modify other puzzles. Nothing goes to waste!

Electronic puzzles and Escape Room Command Center software

You don't need our software to create electronic puzzles based on our products. You don't have to use our electronics to make use of Escape Room Command Center software as well.

However, the hardware and the software work great together, giving you additional features like remote control over puzzles or starting/ending the ERCC's timer automatically.

Automatic detection of Universal puzzle controllers

Escape Room Command Center software detects all the Universal puzzle controllers in the same network automatically. You can add them to the puzzle list of a Room (game) to track if the puzzle was already solved or not.

Remote control over puzzles

After a Universal puzzle controller is detected in the ERCC software, you can remotely solve this puzzle or trigger / untrigger any of its sensors. You can also reset all the puzzles so they are ready for being solved again.

Starting and stopping the timer automatically

You can set a puzzle based on a Universal puzzle controller or a single sensor connected to such controller as the first or last puzzle on the list of puzzles in the ERCC software. Then, solving/triggering it will start or stop the timer (displayed via ERCC software).

Sensor for a hint request

In the ERCC software, players can ask for a hint by clicking the "help needed" button (if the timer is displayed on a touch screen inside the room). With a Universal puzzle controller, you can use one of the ports of any Unviersal puzzle controller to connect a sensor for that purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need your software to program the puzzle controllers?

No, our Universal puzzle controllers work independently and you can set the winning state with a single button.

Can I use my own electromagnet?

Sure, you can. Every Universal puzzle controller comes with an Output relay module that you can use to make your own output set. Note that such an output set requires its own source of power.

How many sensors / output sets can the puzzle controller use?

The Universal puzzle controllers have different number of ports. Each sensor and each output takes one port. Therefore, the puzzle based on Universal puzzle controller with 10 ports can have 9 sensors and 1 output, as well as 1 sensor and 9 output sets (and any configuration between them).