Electromagnet output set manual

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Electromagnet output set

General info

Electromagnet output set holds the door, drawer or lid of a chest until players solve the corresponding puzzle. You can also make a scary trap in a horror-themed Escape Room which releases something from the ceiling after players activate a sensor.

Choose the strength depending on the size and weight of the held object – 70 kg (155 lb) is for lids and drawers and 180 kg (397 lb) can hold doors and secret passages.

Step 1

Connect the Electromagnet output set to the Universal puzzle controller using the included output relay module and an Ethernet cable.

Step 2

Connect the output set to a power supply. Then, connect the Universal puzzle controller to a power supply.

Step 3

When the Universal puzzle controller is not solved, the electromagnet holds the metal plate. Once the puzzle is solved, the electromagnet releases.

Step 4

If you want the electromagnet to hold something AFTER the puzzle is solved (so it would work in reverse), take the electromagnet’s green screw terminal and place the wire on the left to the right side of the terminal.