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This is basic page of Escape Room Command Center software - ERCC

Download page[edit | edit source]

Brief idea how system works[edit | edit source]

When you open Escape Room Command Center on your PC your PC becomes Game Master server.

You can attach as many screens as you want to it through website which you can open on browser opened at any device you want as long it is in same network as Game Master PC.

- yourPCIPaddress:4000



User interface[edit | edit source]

Time control column[edit | edit source]

Here you can control time - add, subtract, move.

Hints column[edit | edit source]

Send hints

Save hints

Edit hints

Puzzles column[edit | edit source]

Globes[edit | edit source]
Last puzzle is Universal Puzzle Controller added to puzzle list - it is red now - not connected

Globes used in ERCC are indications of status of Universal Puzzle Controller

- green - connection online and working

- red - no response from Universal Puzzle Controller within last 30 seconds

- yellow - no response from Universal Puzzle Controller after WIN condidion - mp3 file playing

What Preload media assets (disabled) mean?[edit | edit source]

"Some web browsers require user interaction to play the music. "Start" button is recommended."

Preload media assets.png

From version 1.19.1 we have added optional possibility to disable sound in room. This is for customers using PCs without any keyboard nor mouse inside room (like you Marcus).

if you don't have access to PC/tablet showing time for your players you can remotly disable "start" button[edit | edit source]

you need to add ?disableStartButton=true at the end of URL of room.


link to room with start button -

link to same room without start button

Issues[edit | edit source]

"No such file or directory"[edit | edit source]

Solution: If you see on your timer device - tablet, laptop, screen information that some file is not present please reboot PC and tablet.

Timer loosing synchronization with PC[edit | edit source]

Description: "Since we’ve downloaded the new version there’s been a few glitches. The music continually cuts out and the timers aren’t matching up.

Just wanted to see if this is happening to anyone else? "

Solution: Please reboot timer device - tablet.

No intro video playing after setting it in edit mode[edit | edit source]

Because newest web browsers use cache sometime video is not shown after you add video to room. Please open timer page (room page) and press CTRL+SHIFT+R. This will refresh whole page and clear web browser cache in same time.

Intro video playing in the same time as background music.[edit | edit source]

Escape Room Command Center has intro video and background music capability. If you see issue where intro video plays in the same time as background music please clear cache of your room web browser. This happens when you first setup and start room with music only and add video after. Web browser have room without video in it's memory and you need to clear it. Open webpage with room timer and press CTRL+SHIFT+R.

Page not found[edit | edit source]

Please disable firewall on your game master PC (for test) and if game start to work please manually add exception in your firewall settings

Quick question is there a way to make sound of hint play for video hints? I've applied the sound but it don't play and many customers don't notice it.[edit | edit source]

Are you using the newest version? -

Please, could you delete the video file, click "clear cache" in the edit mode, upload the file one more time, and restart the software?

Escape Room Command Center – Knowledge Base[edit | edit source]


Q: How can I download Escape Room Command Center?

A: You get installation files after you buy ERCC subscription or sign up for a trial version of the software.

Q: How can I get a trial version of Escape Room Command Center?

A: You can get a 30-days trial version of ERCC through submitting your e-mail address on ERCC's product page.

Q: On which operating systems Escape Room Command Center is available?

A: Escape Room Command Center is available on Windows Vista/7/8/10 (32/64-bit) and OS X 10.11 and newer.

Q: How much free disk space is required to run Escape Room Command Center?

A: Escape Room Command Center requires approx. 250 MB of free disk space.

Q: How can I install Escape Room Command Center on Windows?

A: Use the installer to install Escape Room Command Center on your PC:


The installer will create a shortcut:


Before you use Escape Room Command Center for the first time, there should be a notification from Windows Firewall and you have to click "Allow access". Otherwise, the software won't have access to your network and will not work:


The program is fully installed now. All you need to do is to log in with the username and password provided in the e-mail (after buying/signing up for a trial version of ERCC).


Q: How can I install Escape Room Command Center on macOS?

A: First, you have to mount DMG file and copy the software into the application folder:


You cannot launch the software yet. It will fail as the system will block ERCC:


To make an exception, open the settings -> "Security & Privacy". In this window, click "Open Anyway" on the bottom:


Now the software can be launched. You'll see a dialog window asking if you are sure you want to open it. Click "Open".

Screen-Shot-2017-08-19-at-11 (1).jpg

The program is fully installed now. All you need to do is to log in with the username and password provided in the e-mail (after buying/signing up for a trial version of ERCC).


DISPLAY[edit | edit source]

Q: What devices can I use to display the timer and hints for players?

A: You can display the timer and hints on various devices connected to the same network as PC with ERCC. It can be a tablet, iPad, Chromecast, PC, Mac, or even a second screen connected to the PC with ERCC.

Q: How can I display the timer and hints?

A: On the bottom-right, there is a Room Preview button. Click it and you'll see a screen with timers for each Room.


Copy the IP address form the address bar and open it in a web browser on any device you want. Remember that the PC with ERCC and the device have to be connected to the same network.


To hide the browser’s interface, use a full-screen mode (PC/Mac) or a kiosk mode (Android/iOS).

Q: How can I change background picture and music?

A: You can change background picture and music in General section in Edit mode.


Q: Are we able to use live backgrounds?

A: GIFs, yes.

Q: How can I add intro and winning/losing videos?

A: Intro and winning/losing videos can be easily added in Edit mode.


Q: Why nothing happens when I enter the IP on other devices?

A: Before entering the IP on other devices, make sure the software is on your firewalls' exception list.

Q: How many displays can be connected to the ERCC software?

A: The ERCC display screen can be shown on any number of screens/devices. If your Escape Room consists of e.g. seven rooms, you can have a display of the same game in every one of them.

TIMER[edit | edit source]

Q: What is the timer and where can I find it?

A: The left side of the Room screen shows the timer - how much time players have to finish the Room.


In ERCC, you can start the timer when the game begins. Then, if something happens, you can add or subtract any minutes you want, or reset the time (along with the hints and the progress).


The timer can be displayed on as many devices as you want, as long as those devices are connected to the same network the software is connected to.

Q: How can I set the time for a Room?

A: To set the time, choose a Room in ERCC and then click Edit mode button on the bottom-left side of the Room screen. You can set the duration of the game in the General section.


Remember that it does not change the standard time of the Room, just the current game!

Q: How can I add and subtract time?

A: On the left side of the Room screen, there are three buttons you can use to easily add 5/10/15 min.


You can also easily change the remaining time by clicking of the timer in the Room screen.


Q: What happens when the time ends?

A: When the timer reaches 0:00:00, it stops and the game is lost. You can prepare a custom sound effect (e.g. an explosion in a bunker-themed Room) by adding it at the end of 60-minutes background music (in 60-minutes long game).

To upload your own background music, choose a Room in ERCC and then click Edit mode button on the bottom-left side of the Room screen. You can add your MP3 file in the General section.


Remember to click Save button after the upload! It is located at the end of the left section of Edit mode.


Q: Can the timer start and end automatically?

A: Yes, it can. You just need to register two puzzles as "real devices" (puzzles using Universal puzzle controllers with network support) as the first and the last puzzles in the Room. They will automatically start and end the timer after they are solved.

The last "puzzle" can be e.g. a magnetic sensor placed on the final door and when players open it, the timer stops.

HINTS[edit | edit source]

Q: What are hints and how to use them?

A: Hints are simple clues you can show players to guide them through a puzzle they struggle with.

With ERCC, players can ask for a hint or you can give it to them on your own. However, it is recommended to give players some time and let them decide if they want some help.

Q: What kind of hints can I send to players?

A: ERCC lets you send text messages, image (including GIFs) or sound-based clues and video clips (MP4/M4V/WEBM).

Q: How can I send a quick hint?

A: You can send a quick text hint by writing it in the text window on the Room screen.

Q: How can I send an image, sound or voice-based hint?

A: First, name your hint in the text window on the Room screen. Do not send it (Letter icon), but click on the "+" button to add it to your hint list.


Then, click on the Cog icon next to your hint. From there, you can add a sound file, image or a video of your choice.


During the game, go to the hint list and click on your hint to show it to players.

Q: How can I change the size of text hints?

A: You can change it in Hints section in Edit mode. The default option is "normal", but you can choose "large".


Q: How can I change the sound of a sent hint?

A: You can change the sound of a sent hint in Hints section in Edit mode.


Q: How can I display the 3 hints limit?

A: You can turn on 3 hints limit in Hints section in Edit mode.


Players will see an indicator with three question marks.


The hints are not counted automatically. You have to manually use arrows to add used hints.


Q: Are we able to type our own clues if needed during gameplay?

A: Yes, you can.

Q: Does the sound come through the PCs/tablet?

A: The sound from voice messages and videos usually come from the speakers connected to the main PC, but it can come through the other PCs/tablet.

Q: Are we able to load premade clues to use when customers ask for help?

A: Yes, you can do it.

Q: Can I add a hint to be displayed automatically?

A: You can add a hint to be displayed at the time of your choice. First, name your hint in the text window on the Room screen. Do not send it (Letter icon), but click on the "+" button to add it to your hint list.


Then, click on the Cog icon next to your hint. From there, check the “Enable auto hint” box to activate the scroll bar underneath. Choose the time (in minutes) and save it with the Close button.


Q: For how long hints are displayed?

A: After sending a hint, it is visible for players until you click on the hint again to hide it, or another hint is sent.

You can also set the auto-hide time in Hints settings menu (Cog button in Hints section).



Q: What is your ecosystem and how does it work?

A: Our ecosystem consists of our software (Escape Room Command Center) and our hardware (sensors, puzzle controllers, and outputs).

When used together, the puzzles using Universal puzzle controllers (with network support) are detected and added to the progress list. When players solve that puzzle, it will be automatically checked as solved. You can even arm that puzzle again from the Progress list on the Room screen with a Reset button.

Q: My router has a limited number of Ethernet ports. How can I plug more Universal puzzle controllers (with network support)?

A: If your router doesn't have enough free ports, you can buy a network switch that will provide you with 4 additional Ethernet ports.

Q: How can I connect Universal puzzle controllers (with network support) to a network switch?

A: Connecting our puzzle controllers to the network switch is extremely easy if the network switch is connected to a router. Just connect the router and puzzle controllers to the switch. That way every puzzle controller will be detected by the Escape Room Command Center software as an individual device.

If the network switch is not connected to a router, every puzzle controller connected to it will have the same IP address and will be detected as one device, so it cannot work correctly. To deal with this problem, connect the switch to a router or set up your PC to be a DHCP server (giving every puzzle controller individual IP address).

Q: What is a virtual device?

A: If your puzzle is not based on our Universal puzzle controller (with network support), you can add it manually as a virtual device. It will be added to the progress list for you to control the game's progress, but you have to mark it as "solved" on your own (by clicking the Win button).

Q: What is a real device and how to configure it?

A: The real device is a puzzle that uses our hardware (Universal puzzle controller with network support). When connected to a power supply and the same network with ERCC, it is automatically detected in Edit mode of any Room.


When the Universal puzzle controller is detected, you can click on it and choose specific sensors as single inputs (steps in order to solve the puzzle) to manage them on the Progress list (see if they were activated).


However, you have to add the whole Universal as a puzzle (“+” button on the Detected devices list in Edit mode) to be able to check its status and arm it through ERCC.


To change the name of a sensor or a puzzle controller, click on it in Edit mode. After the name is entered, click the Save button.


Q: How can I change the puzzle based on the Universal puzzle controller with network support?

A: First, you have to delete an existing puzzle from a puzzles list in Edit mode. Then, the module will be detected as a new device and it is ready to be set again.

Q: How can I turn a sensor into a Help needed button?

A: Players can ask for a hint from a tablet or any device with a touch screen on which the timer and "Help needed" button is displayed.

20190807 135405.jpg

However, if you show the timer on a normal screen, you can provide a sensor for asking for a hint, e.g. a button. All you need is at least one puzzle based on our Universal puzzle controller with network support and one free input, not connected to the puzzle. After ERCC detects the Universal, you can add one of the inputs as a puzzle.


Then, on the Puzzles list in Edit mode, click on it and mark as “Help needed device”. Now, after it is triggered, it will send you a message that players need some help.


Remember that you still have to add the whole Universal puzzle controller as a puzzle to activate your new Help needed sensor.

API | Q: How can I change the state of a virtual device remotely?

A: All requests need to be sent via POST to the IP address of the computer hosting ERCC at the port 4000.

To change the state of a virtual device in ERCC, you need to send a request containing a corresponding machine state and ID (you can get a virtual device ID from the settings section of a room in ERCC – just click on that device on the list) to the ERCC.

Machine states are as follows:

ARMED 0 Game / prop is ready
IN PROGRESS 1 Users started solving game
WIN 2 User won that game
LEARNING 3 Game is learning new modes

Request data to send

{"id": "<virtual device id>","universal_state": {"machine_state": "<selected machine state>"}


Sample test page

You can download the ERCC Javascript REST Client library or check out its live version.

Q: Can we control multiple rooms from one computer or do we need a separate computer for each room?

A: You can do both - it's up to you what method you choose.

Q: Can ERCC software manage multiple rooms at the same time or does it have to be run separately for each room?

A: You can manage multiple rooms from one instance. Basic license have 4 rooms.

Q: Do the speakers connect to the software so Game Masters can chat with players or do they need to talk through a direct microphone connection?

A: Currently no. If you would like to see this feature in our software please contact us -  we will put this feature in priority list.

Q: How do the tablets connect to the computer software?

A: When you open ERCC at your game master PC it set up server at your local network. You press "room preview" button inside Escape Room Command Center and copy IP address from there. Tablets connect directly to game master PC inside your local network.

Q: Do the tablets need to be constantly connected to the internet or do they only require a WLAN connection to receive updates and information from the computer software?

A: Tablets require only connection to your internal network. Internet is needed on game master PC during startup to check if you have active license.

Q: If there is an issue with the software, are the electronics and the controllers able to work without it?

A: Yes. System is distributed. This means when PC breaks (windows update with 30 minute install) whole system will work independently. This is one of our features which we are specially proud.

MISCELLANEOUS[edit | edit source]

Q: How many Rooms can I have saved in ERCC at the same time?

A: Escape Room Command Center has 4 Room tabs by default, but it can have as much as you want. If you need more, just contact us at

Q: Do I need an Internet connection to use ERCC?

A: Yes, but only when you launch ERCC. If the software is already running, the Internet connection is not required.

Also, remember that Universal puzzle controller with network support (if you use it with ERCC) has to be connected to the router via Ethernet cable.

Q: Do I have to turn the firewall off?

A: The firewall can cause problems. Escape Room Command Center may not work properly when it is not on the firewalls' exception list.

Q: If I press START on the timer first, then it works when I press START on the software.  But if I reset the room, it does not work all the time.  Does a new preview have to be opened every time?

A: After you open preview you have button to choose "pre-load media assets" please click it - after that START button will not show up.

The reason why START button exist is because some tablets have audio playing protection and require human confirmation that he/she want to play music.

If you are not using tablet you can click "pre-load media assets" and START button will NOT show up.

Q: Does your software work on chromebooks?

A: Generally - yes. It requires some tinkering.

Q: Can your software control a Raspberry Pi?

A: Yes, if you're able to program it. Here is documentation.

Q: How can I change my password?

A: You can easily change your password in the Settings screen. You can find the Settings button on the bottom-left corner of the screen.


Q: Is it possible for sounds to be played from the main PC in response to events? That way, they play through the main room speakers instead of smaller computers connected to the UPC?

Currently it is not possible to add events inside of ERCC beside ending game by winning last puzzle

Q: I have troubles with puzzle controller's detection in the ERCC. To what router should it be connected?

Make sure that al lthe Universal puzzle controllers and the device with the ERCC software are in the same network (same subnet).