Escape Room Command Center API

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All requests need to be sent via POST to the IP address of computer hosting ERCC at the port 4000.

Changing state of virtual device[edit | edit source]

To change the state of virtual device in ERCC you need to send request containing corresponding machine state and ID 1) to the ERCC.

Machine states[edit | edit source]

Machine State ID Description
ARMED 0 Game / prop is ready
IN PROGRESS 1 Users started solving game
WIN 2 User won that game
LEARNING 3 Game is learning new modes

Request data to send[edit | edit source]

  "id": "<virtual device id>",
  "universal_state": {
    "machine_state": "<selected machine state>"

Sample test page[edit | edit source]

You can download ERCC Javascript REST Client library here.

or check out it's live version.

You can get virtual prop ID from settings section of room in ERCC. Just click on that device on the list