Gear Board (Ready-to-Play) puzzle

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Gear Board (Ready-to-Play) puzzle

General info

Assemble the gears of different sizes correctly to unlock the hidden compartment with any treasure or hint you want. Gear Board is a Ready-to-Play puzzle – just plug it and it’s ready to play.

Gear Board is a puzzle consisting of 6 different gears that have to be put in the correct spots on a wooden board.

Each gear has a magnet and the biggest gear with a rotating handle has an RFID tag on the side. After every gear is put in the correct place and the biggest gear makes two full turns, the electromagnets are turned off and they reveal the hidden compartment.

Our Gear Boards is plug-and-play – all you have to do is connect the board to a power supply with two plugs (one for the puzzle, and one for electromagnets). If you like, you can paint and customize it to fit the theme of your Escape Room.

Gear Board puzzle - gears

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