How to connect two output sets

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One puzzle (with the Universal puzzle controller) can have multiple outputs, but they have to be connected to each other and will be activated all at once.

Step 1

Prepare two output sets you want to connect together and a screwdriver (included with every order). We will use an electromagnet and an LED lights strand.

Step 2

Each output set has one green and one orange screw terminal. One wire of each terminal is connected to the power supply cable, and the other – to the output set.

Step 3

Notice that one output set has its wires colored red and black, and the other one has both black wires with numbers "1" and "2". In technical terms, RED/1 means "+", and BLACK/2 means "-". This distinction is important.

Step 4

Take one output set and unscrew the wires from both terminals from the side of the output. Remember their places! After you’ve done that, you should have a power supply cable with both terminals, and the output set with two loose wires.

Step 5

Take another output set and look at the terminals. You have to recreate the exact positions the loose wires were connected in their original terminals.

Step 6

The loose "+" wire (RED/1) has to be connected in the same slot as the "+" wire from the second output set. Unscrew the slot on the orange terminal and then, screw both wires in the same slot.

Step 7

The loose "-" wire (BLACK/2) can be connected in the left or right slot of the green terminal from the second output set. The right one is for Normally Closed (it is activated after the puzzle is solved) and the left one for Normally Open (activated until the puzzle is solved).

Step 8

Now, you can leave out the unconnected power supply cable. Both output sets need just one power supply cable that they were connected to. The double-output set is ready. If you have difficulties trying to fit both wires in one slot, you can buy a WAGO terminal for easier assembly.

other options

LEDs and electrolock activation after solving puzzle