Human Chain puzzle manual

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Human Chain puzzle

General info

Power output set lets you change between two active power outlets through solving a puzzle. In other words, you can turn anything with a power plug into an effect before and after the puzzle is solved.

Step 1

Connect the wires from the included metal plates to connectors on the Human Chain controller.

Step 2

Connect a sensor and an output set to the Human Chain controller. Then, connect the controller to a power supply.

Step 3

Trigger the sensor first (its red diode should be lit), place hands on the metal plates, and close the circuit by holding hands or a fist bump.Once the circuit is closed, the puzzle is solved and the output set activates.

Step 4

To reset the puzzle, untrigger the sensor (its red diode should turn off) and wait 5 seconds.You can replace the metal plates with any other metal conductor, like a metal chain.


Q: How can I add sound effects to the Human Chain puzzle?

A: Human Chain puzzle does not have a sound card, but you can easily connect it to any Universal puzzle controller with sound support.

Q: How can I reset the Human Chain puzzle?

A: After the Human Chain puzzle is solved, you have to untrigger the sensor which activates the metal plates (or other metal objects you replaced the plates with) and wait 5 seconds. If you trigger the sensor during that 5 seconds, the puzzle will remain solved.

Q: Can Human Chain puzzle be used with more than 2 players?

A: Yes. We tested it with 7 people holding hands.

Q: Which wire is which at the output?

NO - white - 3

COM - green - 2

NC - brown - 1