Light sensor manual

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Light sensor

General info

Let the light (or the darkness) solve the puzzle! Use a laser beam (e.g. a laser pointer), flashlight, cell phone flash light, or turn off the lights completely.

The Light sensor has 2 different modes. In the MODE #1, it triggers instantly. In the MODE #2, it triggers after it detects the chosen illuminance level for a chosen period of time.

The maximum load of the feeback connector is 50 mA. If you want to connect something with a higher current load, connect an external power supply - then the maximum load is 1A.

Step 1

Connect the Light sensor to the Universal puzzle controller via included Ethernet cable.

Step 2

Connect the Universal puzzle controller to a power supply.

Step 3

Expose the sensor to the desired light level (direct a flashlight or a laser pointer at it, or cover it completely for the darkness) and push the teaching button.

Step 4

Adjust the margin for error with the knob on the other side of the sensor. Turn the knob clockwise to make it easier to trigger.

Step 5

When the sensor detects the set light level, it becomes triggered and its red diode lights up.