Math Sacks puzzle

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Math Sacks puzzle

General info

Math Sacks puzzle is a two-step puzzle where players have to solve a math challenge first, and then find jute sacks to decipher the answer.

Because everybody loves math puzzles 😉


Math Sacks puzzle is an original, multi-step take on a math puzzle. First, players find three jute sacks with symbols and shapes on them. Then, they put them in the order of a small wooden plank with three symbols. On the back of the bags, there are different shapes. To pair the shapes with numbers, players need to solve a math task scattered across three wooden planks with scales and one with a hint. This gives a 3-digit combination e.g. for a padlock.

Math Sacks puzzle can work in any Escape Room theme, and the level of a challenge can be scaled to the audience. We add one additional plank with scales (without shapes) to make the puzzle easier or you can use it as a spare in case something happens. Such additional plank may be hidden and if players struggle to solve the puzzle, you can direct them to this extra plank.

Math Sacks puzzle is a stand-alone puzzle but it is also a part of our The Temple Escape Room scenario. We recommend filling the bags with game-related items or random objects, to make them useful and heavy.

Math Sacks puzzle


Math Sacks puzzle contains:

– 3 wooden plates with scales and shapes,

– wooden plate with scales (additional/spare),

– wooden plate with a hint,

– small wooden plate with 3 symbols,

– 3 jute sacks with symbols and shapes on both sides

– (optional) 3-digit padlock.

Biggest plate’s dimensions:

– 245 x 215 mm (approx. 9,6 x 8.4 inches).

Math Sacks puzzle