Monster Book puzzle

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Monster Book puzzle

General info

Monster Book puzzle is a tricky and unusual puzzle where players need to help the monster in order to open the book.


In Monster Book puzzle, players see a short bookmark sticking out from a strange hairy book. If they pull it, they see a hint saying that the book likes to be “rubbed down the spine”. They need to feel the hidden letters on the spine to get the 5-letter password for the padlock and open the book.

You can use this puzzle in games with such themes as Magic, Fantasy, or Horror.

Monster Book puzzle is a stand-alone puzzle but it is also a part of our Magic Mobile Escape game.

Monster Book puzzle


– hairy wooden book-shaped container with letters on its spine,

– bookmark-tongue hint,

– letter padlock that locks the book.

Book dimensions:

– 245 x 195 x 85 mm

Monster Book puzzle