Mystery Cube manual

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General info

Mystery Cube reacts with sounds in different positions. Set it in the 4 correct positions and reveal the hidden combination behind the one-way mirror. The combination opens a small chest. The Cube is charged wirelessly.

Step 1

Before using the Mystery Cube for the first time, unscrew and take off the top (you can use the included screwdriver). Inside, remove a small piece of plastic to turn the battery on.Do not use the charger before you do this.

Step 2

Each turn of the Mystery Cube creates a sound. After you find four “correct” sounds in a row, the mirror on the top becomes transparent and reveals the combination for the padlock.

Step 3

To charge the Cube, connect the wireless charger to a power supply and try Mystery Cube’s different sides until the LED turns orange. The Cube is charging.

Step 4

Once the Cube is fully charged, the LED changes back to green. The full charging cycle takes about 8-10 hours (from empty to full battery) and should last for 5-10 days, depending on the usage.