Pattern Board (Ready-to-Play puzzle) manual

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Pattern Board (Ready-to-Play puzzle)

General info

Step into a magical world of mystical patterns that hold the most valuable secrets. Use magnets to light up specific holes, guess the pattern and win an ancient artifact.

Pattern Board Ready-to-Play escape room puzzle is designed to fit into any theme of an Escape Room. You can paint it, add some decorations and mark the holes with symbols to make a variety of different puzzles.

Step 1

Connect the green screw terminal to an output set, then connect the Pattern Board to a power supply.

Step 2

Hold the red button on the controller box: 1 blink for the MODE 1 or 2 blinks for MODE 2. Create your pattern, then confirm it by pushing the button once.


Mode 1

Players have to touch a hole with a magnet to trigger it.

Mode 2

Magnets have to be in the correct holes at the same time.