Rotary puzzle

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Rotary puzzle

General info

Rotary puzzle makes a simple find-a-word task into an extremely fun challenge. Turn the rings, align the letters, and find hidden numbers to get the correct combination.


Rotary puzzle is a tricky challenge where players have to align every ring on the circular board so the long string of letters can be read. The string is long and pretty complex, and it takes a while to find the correct position for every ring.

Among the random letters, players can find five numbers that form a 5-digit combination – SIX, TWO, EIGHT, FIVE, and SEVEN. This can be used e.g. for a 5-digit padlock.

Rotary puzzle


Rotary puzzle package contains:

– circular plywood puzzle with moving rings and laser-engraved letters,

– (optional) 5-digit padlock.

The Rotary puzzle is 240 mm (approx. 9.45 inches) in diameter.

Rotary puzzle