Spyglass puzzle

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Spyglass puzzle

General info

Spyglass puzzle gives players strange symbols that can be decoded with a special spyglass. Use it while standing in the marked spot to reveal the secret combination!


Spyglass puzzle takes an ordinary item and turns it into a tricky challenge. Players see a strange wooden plate right from the start. Once they have the spyglass and stand in the marked spot (the wooden plate with feet), they can look through a special lens that completes the markings on the wall and reveals a 3-digit combination.

The puzzle fits easily into most Escape Room themes, as having a spyglass is not unusual for any adventurer, no matter if they are exploring Aztec ruins, dangerous jungle, or ancient tomb.

Spyglass puzzle is a stand-alone puzzle but it is also a part of our The Temple Escape Room scenario.

Spyglass puzzle


Spyglass puzzle contains:

– spyglass with a special lens,

– wooden plate with markings,

– (optional) 3-digit padlock.

Spyglass’ length:

– 305 mm (12 inches).

Wooden plate with markings’ dimensions:

– 280 mm (11 inches) in diameter.

Spyglass puzzle