Temperature sensor manual

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Temperature sensor

General info

Temperature sensor is triggered after it reaches a programmed temperature level. You can use it to take your puzzle designs on a whole new level.

The maximum load of the feeback connector is 50 mA. If you want to connect something with a higher current load, connect an external power supply - then the maximum load is 1A.

Step 1

Connect the Temperature sensor to the Universal puzzle controller via included Ethernet cable.

Step 2

Connect the Universal puzzle controller to a power supply.

Step 3

Set the temperature level using something of the desired temperature (we used the body temperature). Confirm the temperature level with the sensor’s teaching button.

Step 4

When the sensor detects the set temperature level, it becomes triggered and its red diode lights up. Remember that it takes a while to warm up and cool down the sensor.

Step 5

Use the tolerance knob to set the margin for error for the temperature level.Turn it all the way to the left for it to be more precise (approx. 1°C difference from the set temperature level). Turn it all the way to the right to be more forgiving (aprox. 7°C difference from the set temperature level).