Touch sensor manual

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Touch sensor

General info

Touch sensor works amazingly in touch-based puzzles, and its autocalibration makes all the adjustments for you. It’s a good alternative for our versatile Hands and Body sensor.

Step 1

Connect the Touch sensor to the Universal puzzle controller via included Ethernet cable.

Step 2

Connect the Universal puzzle controller to a power supply.

Step 3

Turn the sensor upside down. This is the side that detects touch.

Step 4

Fix the sensor to a non-metal surface it will be attached to in the game (tested through plywood, surface thickness up to 20 mm).

Step 5

Unplug the power cable from the Universal puzzle controller and plug it again to calibrate the Touch sensor.

Step 6

From now on, whenever the Touch sensor detects the human body, metal object, or liquid (for example, in a glass), it becomes triggered and its red diode lights up.