Video Player old manual

From Escape Room Supplier Wiki

Step 1

First, prepare your MP4 files. Name them with a number (1-12) and replace the preset video files on the included USB stick.

Step 2

Take the Video Player and connect as many sensors as you want to 6.3 mm input jack sockets (numbered as on the picture). They will trigger the corresponding MP4 files.

Step 3

On the back of the Video Player, insert the USB stick and HDMI cable (with the other end connected to a screen).

Step 4

Now turn on the screen and choose the right source.

Step 5

Connect a power supply cable to the Video Player and wait for it to boot (can take up to 60 seconds). When you’ll see the “Hello” video, it’s ready.

Step 6

Trigger the sensors and check if the Video Player plays the right MP4 files. You cannot use the same sensor twice in a row – it has to be reset first (see STEP 7).

Step 7

When a video is playing, you can stop it at any time with any other sensor. Then, the stopped video can be played again after triggering the corresponding sensor.

You can connect an additional sensor with no MP4 file assigned to it on the USB stick and place it outside the Room. That way you can easily reset the Video Player during the game.

Step 8

You can also use the red button on the Video Player to reset it.